Intrinsic Value of Artefacts

One of the people Neil Beagrie suggested I get in touch with was Elizabeth Shepherd, an Archivist and Records Management specialist in UCL’s Department of Information Studies. I duly emailed her early in Dec2013 and she asked Jenny Bunn, a Lecturer in the Department who is initiating a new teaching module on Digital Curation in January 2014, to contact me. Since then, Jenny and I have had a number of exchanges and we have agreed that there is potential for her students to make use of my document collection as a resource – though there is too little time to sandwich it into the early 2014 syllabus. Instead, I may go down to speak with her students in February or March.

Jenny also alerted me to a report on the Intrinsic Value of documents produced by the US National Archives and Records Service (NARS) in 1980. This is highly relevant to the work I am doing on the artefact in the digital age. So much so, that it has inspired me to define a clear set of research activities to establish if the NARS Intrinsic Value characteristics are relevant in Personal Information Management practices. Since this is now a distinct piece of work with clear objectives I shall continue to report on it under the separate heading of Digital Age Artefacts.

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