Since creating the test Scoping template in July, I’ve been trying to find someone to give me feedback on it – but with no success yet. Consequently, I have decided that I must press on with or without feedback. To that end, today I researched PDF/A  on the net and discovered that it is a standard which specifies certain features which will make PDF/A files more independent and self-contained and therefore more likely to be readable in the future. This is clearly a better format than ordinary PDF to store files in for the long term. Apparently, a more recent version of my PDF software (eCopy PDF Pro Office from Nuance) does support PDF/A and is available as a free download. I plan to obtain the upgrade, check out its PDF/A capabilities and then, armed with that knowledge, I shall follow up the Scoping document previously created for the Mementos collection with a Preservation Plan document.

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