Scoping Document for Photo Collection

With the experience of doing Preservation Planning on the PAW-PERS collection under my belt, I’ve started work on my collection of photos and videos. To manage the process, I shall produce a Scoping Document, a Plan document, and a Maintenance document as originally envisaged. However, the Scoping document has now changed substantially to reflect the lessons learned in the PAW-PERS work and I’ve incorporated those changes in a reusable Preservation Planning Scoping Document Template. By the end of this exercise on the Photo collection I aim to have templates for each of three documents which I’ll be able to use for the original target piece of work – preservation planning on PAW-DOC  (my lifetime collection of work documents).

But back to the immediate task – the photo collection. I’ve completed the Photo Scoping Document so I now need to address the pre-planning tasks – which include assessing each of the different file types in the collection, deciding what formats to change them to (if at all) and becoming familiar with any conversion tools that are to be used. The need to do this before the Preservation Project Plan is created was one of the key findings from the earlier work on the PAW-PERS collection.

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