Case Study in DPC Report

Having completed my paper on ‘Preservation Planning for Personal Collections’ I sent it to the people mentioned in the Acknowledgements section to get their permission to include their names. In October, I received an offer from two of the people I had acknowledged – Neil Beagrie and William Kilbride – to make the paper available as a case note on the Digital Preservation Coalition’s (DPC) web site early in 2016. I was pleased to accept the DPC offer. Since then, the work I had done for the paper was included as a case study in the DPC Technology Watch Report on Personal Digital Archiving which was published on 15Dec2105. This is a very informative document with useful advice for individuals and I’m pleased to be a part of it.

I am now waiting to hear from the DPC about what changes to the paper its reviewers have suggested, and the timescale for the paper to be published in the DPC website. My hope is that, once it is published, I might hear from some people interested in collaborating in applying the process described in the paper to my work document collection.

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