Paper published by the DPC

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with Sara Thomson in the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), to get my paper revised and on to the DPC web site. That work was duly completed last Monday and the paper is now accessible on the DPC website in the Publications/Case Studies section at Publishing the paper on a website is much better than having it in a conventional journal because the web publication makes it easy to provide the template documents as downloadable attachments that people can use. Let’s hope there are some takers. I’ve also been able to add a section at the end explaining that I am seeking a permanent repository for my PAWDOC collection and/or callaborators to apply the digital preservation process described in the paper, to the PAWDOC collection.

The DPC will be sending out a press release about the paper in the next few days to various mailing lists; and, beyond that, I believe the DPC want to arrange a webinar sometime in the next few months to air the contents of the paper. I’m hoping that all this publicity may spark some interest in the PAWDOC collection.

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