Breakthrough! – Streamlined Version

Well, it’s taken me 23 years, but at last I think I have a Roundsheet specification which is simple enough to understand and use.  I’ve stripped away as many extraneous concepts as I could so that all that remains is the idea of a Round which can be divided into Slices (segments), each of which can be transformed into, and worked upon, as a Round. This simple recursive structure is much easier to work with and to illustrate than some of the earlier specifications. Consequently, I’ve been able to provide prototype screen graphics for most of the functions described in the latest Roundsheet specification document (which I’m now referring to as the Streamlined Version).

Given that this is about my best shot at defining a Roundsheet application, I guess this is the version upon which a final judgement has to be made as to whether there is any merit in the idea. That judgement will have to be made by others, so I think I’ll assemble a list of people I know and see what they say. If the answer is less than enthusiastic, at least I’ll know that I’ve explored my original idea to the full, and will be able to lay it to rest in the archives.

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