The Printing Solution was born 5 years ago and, as it has covered more topics and grown in size, the likelihood of being able to reconstitute it should some disaster occur, seems to becoming increasingly remote. So, when I started to systematically go through every entry in the blog to tease out OFC  insights, it occurred to me that I could, at the same time, copy the contents into a word document which could subsequently be printed and bound into a hardcopy book in just the same way as the Sounds for Alexa book has been produced. That’s what I did, and I now have a 227 page document containing the main contents of the site. I now need to add in the 40 Appendix documents which have links from the main text. The final book may well have around 400 pages or more – but that shouldn’t present a bookbinding problem.

I haven’t established yet whether there is a standard website archiving solution which makes it easy to reconstitute and access a site; however, even if there is one, I think I shall feel more comfortable knowing that I actually have all the content in a single backed-up file. I shall feel even more comfortable when I have the book of in my bookcase.

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