Some professional input

My Memento Management activities have been interrupted for the past few months by an all-consuming effort to produce a Photo Book for my mother on her 90th birthday. I’ve just completed that, so aim to get back to Memento Management forthwith! Coincidentally, I’ve just listened to a TED Talk by Paola Antonelli, New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator, describing how she is acquiring video games as examples of interactive art, and how she goes about displaying them. Her motivation and philosophy is highly relevant to the notion of why and how to keep and display things. I shall revisit the talk some time in the future.

Today I have also emailed a contact in the Archiving field provided me by my good friend Robin Scott. The lady concerned is the Archivist for a stately home, and I’m hoping that she will be prepared to talk to me about how archiving is done professionally.

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