Update to the Wish Table Template

As I continue to deal with the Year Files (I’m up to 1972 now), I’m finding a number of ways to improve the Wish Table. So, today, I’ve completed an update [Wish Table Template v3.0 – 21Sep2013] in order to a) improve the categories of reasons for keeping things, b) include columns to specify that an item is being got rid of and why, and c) improve the layout for completing and printing the table. This will make it easier to fill in, and much easier to analyse the results – which is one the main reasons for recording  what I’m doing in the Wish Table. The original aim of the Wish Table (as described in the entry of 03Apr2013) was to help me decide what to do with each item. I can now see that the information it is recording could be analysed to contribute to our understanding of why people keep things and what they like to keep. It’s also beginning to dawn on me that the Wish Table might be useful to my family when they inherit these things from me. [NB. A further update to Wish Table Template v4.0 was produced on 18Aug2016]

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