What Museums and Galleries are up to

Since my last entry five weeks ago, I’ve been consumed by digitising the Year files and am glad to say I’m almost up to 1978. However, this has been to the exclusion of most other things, so today I decided to release my brain a little and explore what museums have been doing on the net. It was a Guardian article on Gallery websites on 09Apr2013 that prompted me, and I’m very glad that I followed it up. Museums and Galleries have cottoned on in a big way that the net is another, most important, way to reach their audience. And they are exploring a variety of different ways of doing so. I was impressed by the ability to view, full screen, a huge selection of the Tate’s painting; by the Louvre’s simple and brief explanation of paintings, by a miniature avatar man (and by the fact that it was all in English); and by the Taipei’s National Palace Museum’s 3D displays of pottery which you can turn round and upside down at will. I’ve come away thinking that the ability to enlarge pictures and objects really makes a difference, and that it’s important not to overface the viewer with too much at once – give a little AND let the viewer seek more seems to work very well.  I have perceived that, once I’ve finished digitising all these year files – and family photos – and the remainder of the work-related files – once all that’s done, the real fun of exploring how to make it all come to life will begin. This initial exploration of some museums and galleries will feed my thinking for how to do that.

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