Scribbles – my final clutter frontier

Like  many other people, I wrote some poetry in my youth, wrote a few pieces of text and went through a phase of avid doodling. The term ‘scribbles’ refers to all these things, as well as to diary entries, though I’ve already dealt with my own diaries so they are not included in this particular journey. The various bits of paper on which my scribblings were scribbled were shoved into folders over the years such that I now have a two inch stack of unsorted material – the final set of material that is cluttering up my cupboard. There is no point in keeping it in its current state – it is taking up valuable space and will only get thrown out when I die. I want to organise it, reflect on it, and even make use of it in some way. For, example, for some years I’ve had a notion that the doodles might be combined into some much larger picture.  I’m hoping some ideas will emerge as I go through the material.

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