What and Where?

I have one final set of files that I haven’t looked into yet and that comprise an important part of an individual’s ability to maintain Order in the face of Chaos.That is all the documents associated with the ongoing management of one’s house and activities.

By their very nature, the types of household files and the way they are dealt with and stored will vary from household to household. However, it is probably true to say that the emergence of office technology, the internet and email have had a significant impact on what documents come into every household and on everybody’s perception of what it is necessary to keep. In this respect our own household files have undoubtedly changed and slimmed down over the last 20 years or so – though in a somewhat piecemeal manner. This exercise will take a more focused approach to trying to identify ways in which digitisation can help to keep our household files in order.

The files currently reside in either a big old chest, in my or my wife’s desk drawers, in a kitchen cupboard (that’s the recipes), in email folders, or in file folders on my laptop; and I believe that the material falls broadly into the  following categories: finance; legal; products and services; organisations; and practical information. I shall tackle the chest first.

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