Sorting Electronic Files is tedious….

This week we’ve been travelling away from home so I havn’t been able to complete work on the physical household files. Instead, I’ve been using my periods of free time to go through the household files on my laptop. And what a tedious business it is. At least with paper files you can use your hands and arms to pick up papers and move them around; you can turn your neck to look at papers here and over there; and you can completely change your position to get comfy. But with a screen you’re locked-in with eyes fixed, head in one place, and body stationary staring at an unending stream of similar looking files. Anyway, I‘ve nearly finished now, and it’s clear that, just as with paper files, it’s easy for electronic files to just pile up over the years. The difference being that with paper files you can see individual folders expanding and no longer fitting into the physical space they are in; whereas with electronic files, its only when you start to run out of space on the entire hard disk that you realise you have too much material to cope with.

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