Prep finished

The preparatory work is done. After categorising and recategorising 440 excerpts from this blog and a few other notes, I believe I’m now in a position to provide a coherent account of the topic that the blog is devoted to – ‘Order from Chaos, Digitisation and their Intersection’. In the course of doing this analysis, I’ve revised the model that I started out with in the post of 29June2017. It now looks like this:

The change was necessitated by the need to provide a set of contents that can be sensibly written about and easily understood. However, I’m not going to write a paper. Instead, I’ll be creating an online tutorial in subsequent posts in this blog. I’m confident that such a presentation will work because I produced something similar on the subject of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) in Lotus Notes before I retired. The structure of this tutorial will take a similar form – each unit will provide one or two screenfulls of main points, and within those main points will be links to supporting material from elsewhere in this blog.

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