U5.2 How to do it – Plan

OFC projects tend to be informal, personal activities, for which a detailed plan is not really necessary. However, when setting out to do anything, its always worth having some idea of how you are going to do it. The following points might help you to flesh out those ideas:

  • What’s the end state? Having an idea – even a vague idea – of what you’d like to finish up with at the end of the project may help you get there.
  • Do you have the equipment? Are you going to use a scanner and/or a camera for digitisation? Do you have a computer? You will need to have such equipment in place when you start the project.
  • Check the net: If you’re unsure about what equipment is available, what it’s possible to achieve, or how to do things, always remember that it’s worth checking the internet for answers.
  • Do you intend to have an index? It’s worth deciding on this right at the beginning of the project because, if you have an index, it will be central to your activities. It’s certainly not essential, but if you’re thinking about having one, this Photo Index Template or this Memento Index Template may provide useful starting points.
  • Check U4.4: Don’t forget to keep in mind the general points outlined in Unit 4.4.
  • Write down the plan: No matter how vague your plan is, it’s worth writing it down. This will help you to clarify your thinking about what you’re going to do; and it will always be there to revisit if you want a reminder, or if you want to revise your plans.

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