NORNOMOT (nora-no-mo)

Sometimes you hear about people who are always invited to events but never host any themselves. Similarly, some people don’t respond to communications or Xmas cards; and it’s not uncommon for presents sent to growing child relatives to remain unacknowledged or thanked for. In all such situations the giver begins to feel a little aggrieved with the situation, but perhaps feels it inappropriate to raise the matter directly with the individual concerned. To assist all those in such circumstances, it might help if there was an unobtrusive but clear way of signifying dissatisfaction.  Perhaps a code could be attached to the bottom of an address or invitation in the same vein as SWALK (sealed with a loving kiss). I suggest NORNOMOT (pronounced nora-no-mo) standing for No Reciprocity (or Response) No More Of This. Maybe the greeting card manufacturers could create special NORNOMOT cards which include pictures of a Last  Chance Saloon.

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