First step – try out two approaches

To get started on this work, I’ve been looking for examples of Preservation Plans that I can use to understand what I need to do. However, they are not so easy to find. Descriptions of Preservation Planning Policies and Processes are available but these tend to be aimed at institutions managing large collections. I need something that will work for relatively small collections owned by individuals. To get some idea of what is available, I spoke to William Kilbride of the Data Preservation Coalition, who was kind enough to provide me with some training materials which include 12 questions to answer to devise a Preservation Plan. He also advised me to take a look at the Plato online tool for constructing a plan. I think I’m going to take one of my collections and have a quick try out of both approaches before deciding exactly how to proceed. William also very kindly gave me three contact names who I could try in my search for a collaborator on this topic. So, I’ll also be following them up in the coming weeks.

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