OFC – Order from Chaos

Order from Chaos on this site refers to the idea that you can combine efficient ways of sorting and organising physical things together with the power of the computer. It emanated from work I started in the 1980s on electronic filing systems (described in this 1990 paper – Ergonomic aspects of computer supported personal filing systems), and I’ve been exploring the notion ever since. In particular, I’ve done practical work on developing methods for sorting, arranging, image capture and Indexing (outlined in this 2004 white paper – OFC White Paper). I now want to investigate how other disciplines such as archaeology address these challenges; and to explore the use of RFID technology to achieve a seamless link between physical artefacts and their digital representations. If you have knowledge in either of these areas, or would like to suggest who I should speak to about either of them, please do get in touch.

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