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Over the last few weeks I’ve worked on the car and tie photos I took a few weeks ago, but my time has been largely taken up with the Wiseman element of our photo collection. However, having completed that yesterday, I decided that today I’ll assess the state of each element in the painting and what needs to happen to each of them. This is the result:

Element Current State Work to be done What to do next
The edging around the canvas Thoughts about its width (about 1 or 2 cm) and its composition (probably a repeating kind of design for which I’ll take a look at some of my doodles from 30 years ago). This will be done freehand in Acrylics. Try out some designs in pencil and then try doing them in acrylics. Rough out the designs in pencil on the canvas. Rough out the designs and widths.
The Guardian article Cut and ready to be used Assess if the left and right edges should wrap around the edge of the canvas or be cut off. Figure out how best to stick it to the canvas. See what happens when acrylics are painted onto newspaper. Try out gluing under newspaper and then painting over that bit with acrylic paint.
The simmering lava under the road Very rough sketch Figure out what the interface between the lava and the road picture will look like. Do a more detailed rough sketch and then try out painting it in acrylics. Design the interface and do a more detailed sketch.
The vortex Very rough sketch Decide on its exact position and size and what its shape will be at the top. Do a more detailed rough sketch Decide its position and size.
The car Image obtained which can be resized as required Decide what parts of the road surface are to be shown under the car wheels and what they will look like. Work on the road surface material that will be shown under the wheels.
The road scene Image obtained Decide exactly where the vortex will be placed in the image, and the material on which the image will be reproduced for use in the painting Get the image produced ready for use in the painting
The Barrier Draft tie image obtained Probably needs a black background. Needs to be expanded to cover the width of the painting. Decide the material on which the image will be reproduced for use in the painting. Design the interface between the vortex and the barrier. Complete the image with an appropriate background
  The better place Some pictures assembled for use in the better place Finalise the pictures to be used and design their layout Rough out the design of the better place deciding on the rough size and position of each of the pictures to be used.

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