Time to start on the real thing

The photo prints of the images I need all arrived early last week, and I finished trying the paints and trial sketches yesterday. So, all is now ready – I must take the plunge and actually start assembling and producing the painting!! I’ve realised that doing some things before others will have a significant effect both in terms of getting things in exactly the right positions and in getting the desired colour paint to appear on top of any adjacent colour. Consequently I’ve decided on the following order of work:

  1. Glue on the article
  2. Cut the road print to the right shape including any parts where the lava breaks through.
  3. Glue the road print
  4. Paint the background for the pictures at the top
  5. Cut the tie barriers to the right shape (including where the vortex comes through
  6. Glue on the barriers
  7. Paint the base layer of the edging
  8. Paint the black parts of the lava
  9. Cut and position the road surface and flying gravel and road foundations vis-a-vis the car
  10. Paint the orange and red of the lava including the blow out
  11. Paint the vortex
  12. Stick in the pictures above the barrier
  13. Stick in the car and flying road surface and gravel
  14. Paint the yellow in the lava
  15. Paint the design on the edging

So that’s it! There’s no more trying things out and prevarication on designs etc. It’s time to start work on the real thing and just do the best I can. What will be will be!

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