The Poster and Picture Challenge

I have a variety of poster sized material stored away in tubes or rolled up in the loft. I also have smaller sized pictures stored flat in an art folder, and some acrylic paintings done on board. They are not on display because I don’t have room for them all on my walls – nor the money to frame them all.  Of course, they can all be photographed and then some of the originals could be thrown away (and I have already done just that a few years ago for quite a few of my poster sized items); but there are others that I want to keep in their original physical form. I would prefer all the originals to be stored unrolled and in an easily accessible place so that I can rotate their display in fixed picture frames already on the walls.

The solution seems to be in two parts – digitising (i.e. photographing) the posters and pictures and coming up with ways of displaying them to their best advantage; and the storage and periodic display of the physical items. To add a little immediacy to the physical display challenge, I have been planning to create a large collage for a while, and so I shall attempt to make the frame I display it in a rotating display unit suitable for displaying the other posters and pictures.The space in my study in which the frame will be mounted dictates the frame size – it cannot be bigger than 29.5 x 60 inches.

Another requirement which I’m going to bear in mind is that I’d like to be able to store artefacts and to display a subset of them at any one time. Perhaps the rotating display unit can serve this purpose as well.


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