Halfway through the photo-shoot

After my last entry I got stuck in and spent a day creating selfie photos of me in the T- Shirts in a separate location for each – these will be the ‘trophy’ set of photos. I then turned to the challenge of selecting the objects that would go with each T-Shirt for the ‘reminder’ set of photos. This has been a deal more demanding and a much slower process – but it’s finished now. For each trophy and reminder setup, I’ve taken multiple photos so that I’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to picking the images to use. But that will come later – I still have the ‘basic T-Shirt’ and the ‘Feeling’ photos to plan and take. For the latter, I’ve decided to suspend the T-Shirts using a stick through the arms and to put a painted paper head cut-out on top. The colour and shape of the painting on the heads will reflect the feelings the T-Shirts inspire. I’m planning to take these photos with the T-Shirts leaning against the low hedge in the garden with the painted heads sticking up above the hedge with the field beyond providing the background.

As for how all these photos will go together, I’m aiming to create a collage with a climate change theme which will go in my 35 x 23 in poster frame – plenty to think about!

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