Michelangelo frisson

I got started on the collage around last Thursday. One problem I had been wrestling with was how to attach items to the backing paper. I had decided to use Glu-Dots from Blu Tack for the photos, but was concerned that they may not be strong enough for the heavier items like the sun, and also that they might eventually produce discolouration through a single layer of layer of T-Shirt cloth. So, for the bigger items, and where I couldn’t place the dots under a double layer of cloth, I decided to cut ribbons out from the edge of the bit of cloth concerned and pass them through small slits cut into the backing paper and then sew them together on the reverse. In order to actually get at the reverse to do this I’m working on the dining room table with a platform of the same height erected on one of the chairs.  By sliding part of the collage over the edge of the table, across a gap of a foot or so, onto the platform on the chair, I can get at the relevant part of the reverse of the backing sheet by crawling underneath it and working on my back. The approach seems to be proving effective and is adding a little bit of Michelangelo frisson to the artistic experience, as well as providing good flexibility exercise.

The construction of the collage has gone according to the design for the top (sun and upper atmosphere) and bottom (two layers of different water levels). However, it has become clear that there is just not enough space for all the trophy photos in the area in which I shall be placing the bubbles of rising CO2. The answer, I hope, will be straightforward. I shall simply print the trophy photos in a much reduced size and see how they fit in then.

There’s also going to be too little space at the top of the picture around the sun for all the Logo text and graphics on the  T-Shirts; so I may have to restrict what I use to just the logos themselves. Anyway, I’ll work on that when I’ve finished the rest of the picture.

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