Spec for uGrokit system

In the course of documenting the system in our old house and specifying the requirements for a new system, I did some further investigations on the uGrokit website. There I discovered that they provide a free downloadable smart phone app that is designed to work with the uGrokit RFID Reader. The app has four pre-defined fields (last scanned, image, last scan location, EPC) and can be customised by adding Free Text or Value List fields at will. Images can be photographed using the smart phone’s camera from within the app; and the app can be shared on multiple devices by storing it in the uGrokit cloud service at no cost for “an unspecified time”.

After trying out the app with a few test items, and storing it in the cloud, I have concluded that it will meet my needs for the new system, and furthermore, that I can use it ‘in manual mode’ without RFID tags until such time as I can obtain the uGrokit Reader. Therefore, for an interim period at least I shall continue to use the numbering system I used in the old system. Details of the old system, and a description of the new system are contained in this Specification document. I shall now embark on putting Position Nos in place in the loft and logging Containers and Items in the Discover Grok 2 app on my iphone/ipad.

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