Households and Money

Most households have some amount of income and/or expenditure which has to be managed. The way these monies are looked after can vary from minimally to intensively, and will probably involve one or more of the following activities: a) deciding where the income should be placed; b) checking the monies coming in; c) deciding what to spend the money on; d) deciding who is responsible for what element of spending; e) checking what has been spent; f) assessing future levels of cash and deciding on any actions required to change those future levels. In today’s environment of on-line bank accounts, freely available credit cards, and a consumer oriented society, these activities can be demanding for a household of a single individual. However, they become even more complicated when the household comprises more than one person, since some sort of communication and coordination will also have to occur in order for the money to be  managed. Different couples deal with this challenge in different ways: however, this journey is not attempting to explore the many different approaches that can be taken. Instead, it documents just one single approach – the way that my wife and I have learnt to manage our own household finances in this new digital era.

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